Dispelling the Martin Luther King Mythology
TRUTH: We are nowhere close to achieving his dream.
King was a strong believer in affirmative action to end all racial inequality. (A society that has done something special against the Negro for hundreds of years, must now to something special for him, in order to equip him to compete on a just and equal basis. Where 90). He foresaw that white people would be increasingly resistant as their privileges were threatened. The continuation of racial inequality and the rollbacks of affirmative action in our day are far from King’s dream.

King believed that the government had a primary responsibility for creating a just society and should undertake massive spending to end poverty, guarantee employment, guarantee housing and guarantee a minimum income for all people. None of these goals have been achieved.

King attacked low wages for workers, high salaries for executives, elimination of jobs, and capitalist greed. Isn’t his critique more relevant today than ever?

King called for a "revolution of values" where military spending would be slashed and funding for education drastically improved, especially for schools (and teachers) in poor areas. Has it?

King sought to create a "world house" where there would not be inequality of poor and wealth between nations. He called for us to be "revolutionaries against poverty, racism, and militarism." Are we?