Student Response System

i>clicker is the student response system adopted by Western Michigan University.  It is used to provide real time feedback on course lectures and materials to both students and instructors.  The instructor can develop questions within the lecture presentation or create questions “on the fly” to monitor students’ comprehension of the material.

Technical Requirements

To use i>clicker, the instructor needs the  i>clicker base, which receives the student votes and the i>clicker software installed on the computer.  The base is installed by simply plugging it into the computer.  Software may be installed by visiting the Faculty Technology Center.  Instructors may also use an instructor remote to run the presentation and session from anywhere in the room thus removing the need to always stand by the computer.

Compatibility and Features

i>clicker software works on both MACs and PCs making it easy to use in any classroom.  The i>clicker+ model, which is supported by the Faculty Technology Center,  is ideal for use with multiple choice questions formatted with up to five answer choices.

Integration with Elearning

i>clicker integrate is a feature available to faculty which allows points accumulated by students in i>clicker to be directly uploaded to the Elearning gradebook.

For further information about clickers, contact the Faculty Technology Center or call 269-387-6958.

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