Testimonies - The Urban Program

Testimonies - The Urban Program

The Urban Program


"I have worked with all students individually and some in small groups. I feel that I am still working on that ‘whole group’ balance…I am adjusting my presence as a whole group leader. It is more challenging than it looks. Teachers make it seem so easy and natural. It isn’t. It takes work and practice. I feel that I have become more professional all around. I have learned to procrastinate less and budget my time more wisely. I have realized that to be early is to be on time. Being on time is late. I’ve learned to put more thought into my words and actions. Both are very powerful things. “

--Amanda Chopp (sharing her pre-internship experience)

"Being in this program has opened my eyes to many issues that may have not been raised until I was a teacher. Before coming into the experience I told myself it wasn't going to be easy. I reassured myself that I was going to have an unforgettable experience. That is exactly what I had."

--Amy Beckelheimer (sharing her pre-internship and internship experience)

"Wow, these beginning months of teaching have been an incredible journey. The year began with mixed feelings of nervousness, excitement, anxiety, fear and pretty much every emotion that makes my stomach turn. Now after a few months have passed, I still feel these emotions but in a different fashion. I have these emotions for my students who I care for tremendously instead of myself. I learned more than I could ever dream of from teaching at Edison and I am thankful for the opportunity."

--Melissa Anes (sharing her pre-internship and internship experience)

"I have learned so much this semester and I know all the credit goes to the program."

--Nicole Nesseth (sharing her pre-internship and internship experience)

"Although I've never considered myself to be narrow-minded, I feel as though I may have been a little ignorant about what people in poverty go through. However, when I began to teach children who were in poverty, I began to confront the issues they faced and I didn't. Children came to school, not knowing where they would sleep the following night. Children came to school without food, sleep or adequate hygiene. Children came to school afraid of abuse they have seen or encountered. But these children still came to school and still tried their best."

--Takouhy Teberian (sharing her pre-internship experience)

"It is hard to put into words the magnitude of what I learned while participating in the Urban Education Program. I can only say that my greatest lessons were not the ones I taught my students, but the ones that my students taught me. Life is not easy for these children. I found myself using their strength to motivate my work. They counted on me to be there. They asked about me when I was gone."

--Cheryl Cook (sharing her pre-internship and internship experience)

One of the coolest things that I have learned is that I can teach effectively to the children that are living in an urban setting. But even cooler is that when I am working with them, I wasn't thinking about the fact some of them are very poor and come from dysfunctional homes. They were just my students and I love them for who they are."

--Emily Mihocko (sharing her pre-internship and internship experience)


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