Interim Occupational Education Certificate (IOC)

Certification for Career and Technical Education Teachers

Career and technical education is offered as either a part of the regular school curriculum as a non-wage earning program for the education of students, or as an occupational, wage-earning program specifically designed to prepare students for employment in an occupational area. This certificate allows the holder to teach in state reimbursed and approved, occupational education classrooms in the occupational area(s) in which he or she is endorsed.

Interim Occupational Education Certification Requirements

Completion of the steps below is required for admission into the Post-Baccalaureate Interim Occupational Education Certificate program:

  1. Evidence of appropriate major, minor, license, registry, apprenticeship or Michigan Occupational Competency Assessment Center—completed in the appropriate CIP code field requested. This requirement must match the work experience and is in addition to the required Workforce Education and Development course work. 
  2. Work verification form and resume—Employers must complete the entire work verification form. The completed forms will be approved by the occupational expert in the Department of Family and Consumer Sciences. 
  3. Bachelor's degree—must be awarded and Western Michigan University must have an official transcript on file.
  4. Official transcriptsofficial transcripts from all institutions must be on file at the University.
  5. Michigan Certification Testing—the following official scores must be on file before taking courses. If applying in one of the areas below, the corresponding Michigan Test for Teacher Certification subject area exam is required
    • Business, Management, Marketing & Technology—Subject area test #98
    • Family and Consumer Science—Subject area test #40
    • Industrial Technology—Subject area test #87
    Please visit Michigan Test for Teacher Certification for subject area test dates and study guides. If you are unsure about which test to take, please contact our office.

Additional Requirements for Certification

In addition to the above items, the following items are required before we can recommend you for the Interim Occupational Education Certificate:

  1. Complete the required Workforce Education and Development courses
    • If applying for the Interim Occupational Education Certificate only, nine credit hours are required to be approved by your advisor.
    • Candidates completing the Career & Technical Education master's degree leading to the Interim Occupational Education Certificate and the Provisional Certificate must complete the approved 27 credit hours.
    • Admission to the master's degree program leading to the Interim Occupational Education Certificate and the Provisional Certificate requires a bachelor's degree in a comparable major field in either marketing, business, family and consumer science or industrial technology.
  2. Adult and Child CPR and Standard First Aid—are required for certification and must be taken at an approved agency. There are two places where you can find approved courses:
  3. Complete additional requirements if needed for a Provisional Certificate—visit the Provisional Certificate website for the checklist.
  4. Set up your Michigan educator accounts and apply for certification—step-by-step directions on setting up your Michigan educator accounts.
  5. Apply for your Interim Occupational Education Certificate; if eligible for both the provisional and the interim occupational education certificates, apply for both certificates together.
  6. Report convictions—honestly report any conviction or civil infraction, excluding speeding tickets.
    • Must report conviction information on all of your applications for current certification and all future certifications.
    • Provide the Judgment of Sentence, Register of Actions or Case History for each offense to our office.
  7. University review and recommendation—after application, your identified university will review and recommend the application. Please allow five to seven business days for this process; a conviction may delay this process.
  8. Pay for your certificate—The Michigan Department of Education charges a $160 fee for the Provisional Certificate. If an application for both a Provisional and an Interim Occupational Certificate are submitted together, there is only one $160 fee.
  9. Print your certificate—Once the fee is paid, print the certificate and obtain notarization. The Provisional Certificate and Interim Occupational Certificate are valid for six years.

Print friendly Interim Occupuational Education Certificate checklist