Meet Tracey

Meet Tracey


  • Major: Dietetics
  • Minor: Biology
  • Year: Junior
  • Hometown: Ho Chi Minh City, Viet Nam
  • High School: Greenwood Laboratory School

Advice for Freshman

One of the easiest and fastest ways to get to know the campus is to get involved. Attend the activities, you will not only make friends, get familiar with campus routes but also learn a lot more after each activity. Don't be shy, and stay involved. Lastly, even though you are excited to attend most of the activities during the semester, don't forget to manage your time and balance your studying. There is always a transition period from high school to college for everybody. Learning how to manage your time wisely is the main key to show that you are ready to become a college student, and a smart one, I must say.

About Tracey

Hi, my name is Tracey, and I am a junior here at WMU. I am studying dietetics and minoring in biology. I'm from Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam. I graduated in 2010 from Greenwood Laboratory School in Springfield, Missouri.

After graduating from high school, I had around five universities in mind. Since I did not have any special interest in what I am going to study, I decided to apply to all of them. In May, the night after my graduation ceremony, I received a phone call from a WMU Ambassador. She told me that I got accepted to WMU and congratulated me. She also answered most of my questions about preparation for coming to Western. From the other four universities, all I received was an acceptance email, but when it comes to Western, I personally received a phone call with a warm welcome. I felt so welcomed and appreciated how much thought and care WMU puts in to make perspective students feel at home. So I decided to go to Western and now I know that I have made the right decision.

I decided to study dietetics because I love food. I love to learn about how nutrition works in the body. It is essential to eat right and to have a healthy body, especially for college students. WMU has a very outstanding dietetics program and I am proud to be a member. I had so many first-hand experiences such as culinary skills, understanding nutrition through connection with biology, human physiology and even expanding my knowledge in human infectious diseases. In my opinion, dietetics is not only the study of how nutrition works in your body, but also the study of which healthy choices people make in order to help prevent sickness and disease resulting from poor eating habits.

I am a member of AVS (Association of Vietnamese Students), His House, Math club, DSA (Dietetics Student Association) and a Student Ambassador. In my free time, I love to hang out with my friends and cook foods for them. I must say I love to explain how essential nutrition in my food helps my friends become healthier. I also go to tennis varsity games on campus, to support the Broncos!!! My favorite on-campus activity is Miller Auditorium's Wednesday's Movie. It is just $1 for new, out coming movies, what else could you ask for?

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