Meet Reid

Meet Reid


  • Major: Geology
  • Minor: Group Science
  • Year: Sophomore
  • Hometown: Grosse Pointe Woods
  • High School: Grosse Pointe North High School

Advice for Freshman

My advice to all the First years is to get involved with anything that interests you! This is your time to be yourself and to focus on areas that actually sound cool and interesting to you!

About Reid

Hi, my name is Reid and I am a sophomore here at WMU! Graduated from Grosse Pointe North High school in 2011. I did not do too many extracurricular activities in high school but i would always play Frisbee with some friends. I transferred to WMU after taking 2 semesters at Macomb Community College. All through high school i planned on going to WMU for the Aviation program, but in the end i chose Geology as my major.

I have always looked in to going to Western Michigan because this school has programs that interested me. Originally i planned on entering the Aviation program, but now i am majoring in Geology. My sister is also a student here at WMU and showed me around campus. On that tour i found that i really liked the size and feel of this campus. I didn't just decide right then and there though. I also visited my brother at Michigan State and spent some time exploring their campus. I decided that WMU was the place for me! I talked to the Geology Department and found that Western was the school for me.

I love being a college student. After spending an extra year at home going to a community college i knew that i wanted to experience something new. At western i became involved with student organizations like the Campus Activities Board! This is where students vote on what entertainment we want to bring to our campus! With CAB (Campus Activities Board) i was given the importunity to go to a conference in Grand Rapids and a representative of Western Michigan University along with other CAB members. At this conference we spent a few nights in a beautiful hotel after reviewing musicians, magicians comedians and all different kinds of entertainers. I also spent time on the weekends attending the sports events, especially the hockey games! Being a Bronco is exciting and challenging but i love it!

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