Meet Rashida

Meet Rashida


Advice for Freshman

My advice for freshmen is to GET INVOLVED!! Getting involved in different organizations on campus will make your whole college experience worthwhile. Also, always remember to be YOURSELF NO MATTER WHAT!! Finally, don't be afraid to go out and meet new people, "Don't be shy, just say HI!"

About Rashida

My process of choosing which college that I wanted to attend was complicated. Starting off, I had about seven different universities that I had to choose from. Each of them had a variety of different factors to contemplate, such as if they had my major/minor, where they were located, and the most important how much it was going to cost to attend. Then, I eventually narrowed them down to what I thought were my top three, and that was when I heard about Western...Go Broncos. I found out about Western Michigan University through the mail because I just so happened to receive a flyer from them and I thought, "I've never heard of them before, I wonder what they are about?" So I decided to do some research and apply. Then I got into a scholarship competition and took a tour of the campus. That was when I fell in love. During my visit, it felt as if I was right at home, the people were so welcoming and happy it just felt like I belonged here, like there was no more searching to be done. I had finally chosen the college that I wanted to attend, plus they offered both my major and minor, which was awesome! I chose to major in computer engineering and minor in computer science because ever since I could remember I loved computers and was fascinated by how they worked and I always wanted to learn more about them.

Here at WMU, I am involved in quite a few different organizations, and plan to join more as my college career progresses. I am currently a Student Ambassador, as well a member of the Campus Activities Board (also known as C.A.B), and volunteer with Drive Safe Kalamazoo (also known as DSK)!! As far as college life goes, I think that it is great and filled with responsibilities. Of course just like everything in life, there are going good times and not so good times, but you have to take the good with the bad and just remember that it's life and have fun and take care of business! Here at WMU there are definitely a lot more fun times than not! I currently live on campus in the residence halls within the valleys, which is cool because you get to meet so many new people while living on campus. In my free time I like to have fun with friends, get involved on campus and of course support my BRONCOS at their events!

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