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The best piece of advice I could give to prospective college students anywhere is to treat college like a full-time job, because while you are at school you are there to learn. The goal of college is to prepare yourself for the real world and to make sure that you can be successful in what you do after college. The best way to do that is to start being responsible and successful while in college.

About Rachel K

Hi guys! My name is Rachel and I graduated from Plainwell High School in 2011. In high school I was a member of the National Honor Society and a four year member of the varsity soccer team. I was able to transition both of these things into my college life via Intramural Soccer and being a member of the Lee Honors College, which I am very happy about. Some of my favorite things are the color orange, watching The Office, be a real nineties kid by watching old Disney movies, Bronco Hockey, playing Ultimate Frisbee, and watching campfires.

While making my college decision I went on campus tours all over the state and into Indiana, including a tour at Western with my high school during junior year. One big thing that stuck out at me about Western was that everyone was so incredibly friendly and willing to help me if I had any questions or problems. Another thing that I really liked about WMU that was a rarity among the schools I visited was that it is big enough for me to have all of the opportunities I could hope for, but small enough for me to be able to easily get help and form working relationships with my professors.

I am involved with several Registered Student Organizations, including Western Student Association which is the student government of Western, Cru which is one of the campus ministries here, and Drive Safe Kalamazoo which offers free rides home to WMU students. As a freshman I lived in Bigelow Hall, and I liked it so much that I will be living there again during my sophomore year. My favorite thing about living in the residence halls is that there are so many events that the different halls host, from super bowl parties, to flower pot planting for rooms, to decorating door stops. In my free time, I take advantage of some of the discounts I get around Kalamazoo, for example at Qdoba and at Rave Motion Pictures. I also like to take the train to Chicago and play pick-up games of soccer with my friends.

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