Meet Ociel

Meet Ociel


Advice for Freshman

ADVICE!!! College life is like a paradox. You think you know what you are doing, but in reality college is so much different when you're experiencing it firsthand. You are now on your own to some extent; you make your own decisions, make your own lifestyle choices and your own friends. Always now that whatever happens for better or for worse, Western really has been there to help and we are a community that loves one another no matter the circumstance.

About Ociel

Hello everyone, my name is Ociel Torres and I hail from the little Detroit suburb of Allen Park which is 15 minutes south of the city. I'm half-Mexican and half-Jewish who was originally from the little seaport town of Oxnard, California known for being the largest strawberry suppliers in the United States. I moved to the great wolverine state when I was ten years old and soon attended the Cesar Chavez Academy schools which are an independent, charter compulsory schools that run from kindergarten to twelfth grade. I graduated from those schools in June of 2011 as a member of the National Honors Society and have since become a loyal and proud Bronco.

My decision in choosing WMU is in my book a farfetched reason, as I am currently the first and only one from my high school to attend Western Michigan University. I looked at a small catalog about Western in a counselor's office and it piqued my interest. I also chose Western due to the location, it was far from home. I wanted to be independent and be that college student everyone wants to inspire to be, someone who makes their own choices for their own future. I am a double major in music and journalism, as I aspire to be a music journalist. Music theory and music composition are both huge passions of mine. I was also the lead news editor in my school's newspaper and that is also a huge passion for me.

College life is like no other. It has been amazing transition and I am thankful that Western makes all right steps in order for you to make a great and comfortable transition from high school to college. This is in part due to the many student led organizations and activities that WMU has to offer. You can join an organization that asserts to your interests or majors or just join an organization to make a long lasting difference. I am involved in so many great organizations here at Western. I am currently involved in so many great WMU organizations, such as the safe rides program, Drive Safe Kalamazoo. I am a Senator for the legislative branch of the Western Student Association, the student government at WMU. I am also part of the Latino Student Alliance, and am also a reporter for the Western Herald. Here at WMU, there is no such thing as a boring day!

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