Meet Nicholas J

Meet Nicholas J

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Note to all incoming freshman, when you arrive here, please make sure you talk to people and keep up on the activities that are mentioned to you during fall welcome. This will be very, beneficial to you. Don't be afraid to network.

About Nicholas J

Hello my name is Nicholas; I am a proud Western Michigan Bronco from Detroit, Michigan. I am a starving artist as well as an amateur poet. I was raised in Detroit, a beautiful rose with thorns the size of the Egyptian pyramids, but my roots lie in Africa, more specifically, in Cameroon. Cameroon is a place rich in culture and in its people, very lively and filled with beautiful landscapes, so if you ever are graced with a chance to visit please do you will enjoy yourself to the fullest, I assure you. I attended Inkster High School, which is in Inkster Michigan, right outside Dearborn. The city of Inkster is a small but diverse one, due to it bordering Dearborn. I had no idea that this city even existed until I attended the high school my freshman year. It was as though I traveled to an entirely new planet. Even though it was change from the city I was used to, it took no time to adjust. Through my four year struggles of the challenges of the average teen, I came out triumphant, with my high school diploma as well as graduating Magna Cum Laude in 2012.

My process of adjusting my mind and body to the change it was about to go through by following the path of higher education was no easy one. Like any vibrant teen I was engulfed in the freedom of just graduating high school and having all the free time in the world. During what seemed to be short summer, I went on college tours to Florida, Georgia, Michigan, & Virginia. But, the information that the universities were dishing out to me was going in one ear and out of the other. Even though I was a 3.93 student and it was assumed that I would be attending some super prestigious university, I was gripped by the powerful force of procrastination. I was accepted to many schools, but did not receive enough scholarships to combat the expenses of being a nonresidential student. So, my financial issues brought me to Western Michigan University's door step. I applied and was accepted. I attended orientation and was blown away by the majesty of the campus and its residents and faculty. This school, as you will hear many of the broncos say, is "home". My major, being Communication, was brought to light due to my love of the expressing oneself through words, gestures, and other nonverbal cues. Also, I enjoy conversing with people. This also follows my love for the workings of expressing yourself through the arts, thus giving birth to my love for drawing, cartoons, and plays. I chose a minor which corresponds to my love for communication and understanding human reactions.

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