Meet Mitch

Meet Mitch


Advice for Freshman

Make your college decision for you. Don't chose a college because your friend is going there, or your uncle says so. Attend a college that will fit you and that you can see as your home for the next 4 years of your life. It's one of the most important decisions of your life, so make it count!

About Mitch

I come from a small town roughly 20 miles south of Kalamazoo, with a graduating class of just over 200 students. I graduated in the year 2010, and my first semester at Western Michigan was Fall 2010. I came in as a mechanical engineering major and have stuck with these past three years. My decision to come to Western Michigan University has probably been one of the best I've made in my lifetime!

My college search process was pretty standard, as I was definitely set on a certain major, so I applied at regional universities that were extremely respected in the field of engineering. I had my college choice narrowed down to WMU and another in-state institution, and by January of my senior year in high school it came down to making my decision. I graduated Salutatorian of my high school and I have always taken academics seriously, so that was a huge consideration in my higher education decision. I visited both schools, but what really stood out to me at Western Michigan was the quality of faculty and the College of Engineering & Applied Sciences facilities. When I visited WMU, I had the chance to speak with faculty members in the Mechanical Engineering program and I knew WMU was where I wanted to continue my education. The best thing about Western Michigan is that it is a large, respected university throughout the country, but it has that smaller college feel and the professors really take time to get to know you and help you learn the material. WMU also has 14 ABET accredited engineering programs, which is the most out of all university's in Michigan. I could not be more satisfied with the education I've received at Western Michigan, as the engineering program is extremely hands on, rigorous, but also extremely interesting and fun.

Though my academic life consumes a large amount of my time, I am also actively involved on campus through various organizations. First, I am the founder of the infamous WMU Squirrel Club! It is an organization in which we actively cultivate Bronco pride, but also support the squirrels on campus and in Kalamazoo (and we have awesome T-shirts). I'm an active member of the Lee Honors College on campus, which is basically a smaller prestigious college within the larger university that offers many different classes and seminars for honors students. Within the College of Engineering & Applied Sciences, I'm a member of the American Society of Mechanical Engineers and also Tau Beta Pi, which is a prestigious engineering honors society. Being involved on campus is really important to getting all that you can out of the Western Michigan experience, especially considering how easy it is to get involved.

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