Meet Madelaine

Meet Madelaine


Advice for Freshman

My advice for students coming to Western or attending any type of university would be to get involved and stay active. It's a great way to meet new people and make new friends.

About Madelaine

Hi my name is Madelaine or Maddie for short, whichever one works! I graduated from Calumet High School in 2011, which is located in the Upper Peninsula. I was involved in volleyball, basketball, and track all four years of high school. I also liked to play softball in the summer and figure skate/snowboard in the winter. I come from a fairly small town and this is my second year at WMU and it's been nothing but amazing so far. I am in business and plan to find something to pursue very soon. There are so many options!

When I was a senior in high school, I knew I wanted to travel and get away from my small town to see what kind of opportunities I could find. A representative from Western came to my high school to talk about WMU. She presented it to us in a different way than any other college had and she talked about it as a community and family. That was something that caught my attention because feeling like I'm cared about is important to me especially if I'm going to live ten hours away from home. She also emphasized the study abroad programs, and like I said, I wanted to travel, so I was hooked right there.

I initially came to Western with the intentions of an MBA in business to get into the fashion industry. Western has many organizations and clubs that can help you test out your interests, in my case I got involved with MODA; a fashion merchandising club on campus. Participating in this club was exciting and taught me a lot. It also showed me that I would be happier doing fashion on the side instead of making it my career. I still participate in the fashion shows during my free time and am thankful that Western has provided me with the privilege of keeping it a part of my life.

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