Meet Janae M

Meet Janae M

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Research! Research! Research! Know exactly what the college is about before you choose. Never try to go where your friend is going, because this is your life and career that needs to bloom!

About Janae M

Janae here! I am a fun young lady that laughs at adversity! I like to sing and laugh all day long! I also enjoy drawing and helping others when needed. I can be quiet at times but once you get to know me you can see that I am really hilarious! I am from Detroit, MI it is about two hours east of Kalamazoo, MI. I attended Dearborn High School for my 10th- 12th grade year. I graduated in 2010 and was so excited to further my studies at a university.

So, I am an only child and wanted to get out as discover things on my own but with my mom's help. I began to look up universities that pertained to my major and chose my top options. I went on a campus tour to see what Western Michigan University was all about. I was so impressed and amazed with the tours and what the University offered to their students. I didn't want to look at anymore schools because I was sold on going to WMU and since that day I couldn't stop looking on WMU website. I applied to the other universities but was hoping to here from WMU and I did! I got admitted into WMU and couldn't stop smiling. This University has everything I am looking for from student organizations, good cafeteria food, great academics, perfect sized campus and career services!

College life is pretty worth while! I have created so many friendships that I know will last a lifetime. I lived on campus for my freshmen and sophomore year so that I can get an on-campus experience. I also signed up for specialty housing and got to live with students that were in the business college. I eventually moved off campus for my junior year and now I have to force myself to cook but it's okay because I call myself a mini chief. I was able to discover who I want to be and college will shape you into something great! I got involved in a few organizations that caused me to grow and open my eyes to different cultures. I am a member of Student Leadership Advisory Board in Haworth College of Business, Global Student Association, and finally I serve as Parliamentarian and Publicity Chair for the Voices of WMU Gospel Choir. I love what I do because it will mold my life for the better by the time I graduate. I will be able to give insight on life and college my kids and even my mentees.

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