Meet Imani

Meet Imani


  • Hometown: Beverly Hills, MI
  • High School: Groves High School
  • Year: Sophomore
  • Major: Marketing
  • Minor: Communication

Advice for Freshman

I would advise all freshman students to remember "you are the company you keep". Make wise decisions on who you hang out with. Know your friends and surrounding. Remember! Enjoy your freshman year, you only get the experience once.

About Imani

My name is Imani Roberson. I am from Beverly Hills, MI. Beverly Hills is located in Oakland county, it is the suburb of Detroit. I attend the local community high school. There I participated on the Cheerleading team, also the Community Service club. My anticipated graduation from WMU will be April 2013!

I attended WMU out of reluctance. WMU was the the only university I applied to in-state. It was also the most affordable university. My plan was to transfer out after my 1st year. However, I have grown to like WMU more than I thought. :)
My major is Business, with a minor in General Business and communication. I LOVE my major, I look forward to working in that field of study.

I enjoy college life and the freedom that is associated with it. College life is a million times better than people would expect. However with freedom comes making wise choices and decisions. I am involved in WSA as the Representative for the BSU ( Black Student Union). I also on the E board of the BSU over the Fund raising committee, I am involved in Eden Ministries. I have lived on campus for the past two years, my freshman year in the valleys. I really enjoyed the experience of living in the valleys. However, it was a very long walk to campus. As a sophomore I currently live in Zimmerman hall. I LOVE living on main campus!!!!

In my free time I hang out with friends, enjoy family, SHOP, eat, chill, and go out. I love my life, I enjoy chilling when I am dealing with the stresses of school

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