Meet Gabriela N

Meet Gabriela N

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My advice for incoming freshmen is to make sure to stay on top of your homework and study. I know this is something that is on repeat throughout our whole lives but it's the truth.

About Gabriela N

Hello =) My name is Gabriela and I'm a senior at Western Michigan University. I am from Grand Blanc but I was born here in Kalamazoo. I went to Grand Blanc High School and I graduated in 2009. I am majoring in Early Childhood Education and I am in love with it! The reason why I chose this major is because we all always have that one teacher we remember that may have made us feel better about ourselves or really affected and made who we are today and my teacher is Mrs. Wilson. I love the way she taught her classroom and how she made everyone feel welcome and accepted at all times in her room. She is one of the best teachers I have ever had and she is the one who inspired me to become a teacher myself.

Choosing WMU wasn't a hard choice for me because of a couple of reasons. One: the campus and community had that "it" factor for me. I love how the campus has texture (i.e. hills, lots of trees) and I like how you can walk from one side of the campus to the other in less than 20 minutes. Two: downtown. I'm from the east side of the stat as you read above and being downtown reminds me of places like Bloomfield Hills and Rochester. I don't feel so far away from home. Finally: this school is founded on education and research. I knew going into college I wanted to do something in education and knew this was the place for me and my studies. The way WMU conducts their program makes me feel secure with my choice in education.

I am involved in the Student Ambassador Program and I also work in the Dean's Office of the College of Education and Human Development. I was a Fall Welcome leader for two years, a First Year Seminar leader, and an International Student Orientation and Registration Programs leader. By being involved on campus, I have been able to engage and meet people that I probably wouldn't have met on my own. It's a great way for when you first get here to get a look at our diverse campus and meet some people you may consider great friends one day. Not only are there things to do in downtown but WMU has events going on weekly! One of my favorite things to do is go to a Miller Movie; which is a movie between theater and DVD. It's nice because it's only a dollar and you get free popcorn before nine.

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