Meet Frangely

Meet Frangely


Advice for Freshman

Enjoy your time in college and take the best from it. This is a time where not only you are going to learn and earned a degree but it's also going to be a great place to make long lasting friendships. Moreover, the experiences that you will have here are going to prepare you for life outside of school. Always be yourself and give 100%, not only to earn a good grade, but also for your own benefit.

About Frangely

My full name is Frangely but everyone calls me "Jelly", which I really like and it makes it easy for people to remember my name. I come from a beautiful island call the Dominican Republic, which is in the Caribbean, where the weather feels like summer for most of the year. My native language is Spanish, but I also speak English and a little bit of French. I graduated from High School in 2010 and before coming here I spend an entire year studying in the Dominican until the blessing of a scholarship opportunity happened. This is my second year here in Western Michigan University and I love it.

I decide to come to Western because as I mentioned before, I was offered the opportunity to come to the States to pursuit a higher education in the film, video and media field. Since WMU has one of the best schools of communication, after I looked up online the program I said to myself that WMU is where I wanted to go. A fun fact about me arriving to western is that I came 3 days late to ISORP (International Student Orientation Schedule) so I missed my tour and all the registration process for ID, housing and classes. But since there are so many wonderful people in this school who are always willing to help, I caught up with everything the next day. My experience here at western has been amazing since the day I arrived and I am sure it will be the same or even better for you.

College life in Western is very interesting and diverse. There are different activities that take place during the entire year which fits everyone needs just like bronco bash, intramural sports and international festivals. Moreover, living on campus is an experience that you should definitely have, it helps you in the process of becoming independent and you learn a lot from the people you get to live with. I personally love Draper/Siedschlag because is the Fine Arts house and it is a very fun place to live.

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