Meet Elizabeth W

Meet Elizabeth W

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Advice for Freshman

Incoming first year students, my advice to you is to pursue a career you are passionate about, this will allow you to enjoy going to class and learning. Also, keep a positive outlook on life and you will go far!

About Elizabeth W

Hello, my name is Elizabeth White! I am a 3rd year student here at the best school in the world, in my opinion of course! I am from Grand Rapids, MI. I went to high school at Kelloggsville High School. I graduated in 2010.

I choose to come to Western because of a college fair put on at my church in Grand Rapids. At a booth there were two representatives from WMU who took the time out to answer all of my questions. I specifically remember the fact about how Western looks at a person's academic progress when deciding on admission. I knew right then that this was a school who gives everyone a chance as long as they see the effort put forth. This was my sophomore year in high school and I have always had a gut feeling that I would attend WMU! And LOOK! Here I am! This has been one of the best choices I have ever made in my entire life! I am currently, double majoring in social work and communication; minoring in Spanish and dance. My educational experience here at WMU has been amazing. I remember not being able to decide on a specific major and/or minor when I first arrived to Western. That has not changed. Instead of choosing one major/minor over the other my choice came from within. Therefore, I have chosen to be educated in all areas that I am passionate about!

Since being a student here at WMU, I have been intensely involved. Starting my freshmen year I joined a registered student organization that changed my life, literally. This may be the reason why I am extremely passionate about getting involved on campus. As a result, I am now the president of TWO registered organizations here at WMU one called, Joppa Inc.; where I am the visionary/founder. The other is Hope Dance Team, where I was asked to take the position as president once the previous president graduated. Not to mention all of the other registered student organizations that I support One Hundred Percent. Getting involved on campus was one of the best ways I could have ever enhanced my educational experience. I also live on campus, which is another great way to meet people. I love the dorms, specifically the meal plans that come with the dorms. I like food! Haha! There is always plenty of fun to have on a college campus, and my friends and I take full advantage. We also, explore outside activities as well. We go to the movies, out to eat, and make frequent trips to the mall.

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