Meet Delia U

Meet Delia U

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My one and only piece of advice is that you look at college as an experience waiting to happen rather than a hurdle that must be jumped. Be willing to venture out and enjoy all that the campus has to offer because I assure it there's a lot!

About Delia U

My name is Delia and I am junior here at Western Michigan University. I am originally from a little town called Livonia which is on the east side of the state. I went to Mercy High School in Farmington Hills; which was an all-girl Catholic prep school. I played varsity basketball and also ran varsity track during. I graduated in the Spring of 2010 and set out for college.

During my junior year my high school advisors took each and every person to the side and discussed our future plans after high school. For me I knew it was college. After our advisors talked to use about the process and applications needed for college, my mother and I took the time out to talk about the schools I was actually interested in. We surfed the internet for a good two months looking at college websites trying to see what they offered. Once we narrowed the list of colleges down we set up tours to see the remaining contenders. Western was the last college that I visited and I as I walked around the campus on my tour, I feel in love with it. My guide was entertaining and clearly in love with the University. The tour was somewhat personal. My interests were taken into account. The atmosphere of the campus was like no other I had seen. Once I took my tour I knew it was what I wanted.

Once I got here I knew that I had made the right decision. I began to play woman's rugby - a club sport on campus. It was not too much of a commitment with practice being only twice a week and games being on the weekend. It definitely helped me keep off the freshman 15. I also began to participate in the intramural sports offered such as basketball and flag football. Being involved in these sports really helped making friends way easier.

Then during my first summer her on campus I joined Omicron Sigma Lambda which is a co-ed fraternity on campus. By joining this I met some of the most amazing people known to man (at least in my opinion). I have lived on campus all two years that I have attended Western and plan on living here for a third. I couldn't ask for a better atmosphere on campus. There is always something going on and always new people to meet.

I also began working on campus to make a little bit of spending money and that just opened the door to leadership positions that I have had and currently hold. The best part about working on campus is the fact that you are a student first and to me that was the biggest selling point to working on campus after all I'm in school to get an education right?

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