Meet Connor

Meet Connor


Advice for Freshman

Incoming, prospective students! The best piece of advice that I could give you is to get involved! Being involved allows you meet new people, have a social life and make a difference on the college itself! Most every organization is filled with people who are fun and enjoyable to be around, and getting involved is most definitely a choice that you will never regret!

About Connor

Hey there! My name is Connor and I am currently a first-year student at Western Michigan University and within the past year, graduated from Lowell High School as part of the class of 2012! With that said, I graduated with a class of around 280 people, similar to many other high schools in the state of Michigan, so I can definitely relate. In high school I was the class president, was involved in the National Honors Society, International Club, Interact Club, Model U.N. and men's varsity tennis. So far, I've had a great experience at Western and cannot wait to see what the additional next three years have in store!

Over all, the whole "college decision" thing really stressed me out. After all, I would be spending, at least, the next two to four years there. On my search for the "right" university, I toured six schools, all within Michigan, as well as applied to them all. Upon getting acceptance in to all but one, I really had to start narrowing down my choices. At this point, I started considering factors such as school size, distance from home, and most importantly my programs. During my senior year in high school, I had decided that I wanted to double major in Spanish, as well as global and international studies. Being a globally engaged campus was definitely something that I took into serious consideration, especially knowing that I plan on studying abroad. All in all, I chose to study Spanish, because of the love I have for the language. It my mind, languages have the ability to open so many doors otherwise closed, and provide further opportunities to learn about cultures different from my own, while still having the ability to communicate in the process. In addition, Western is only about and hour and fifteen minutes from my house and is a good distance if I wanted to go home for the weekend, but it was also far enough where my parents couldn't just drop by unannounced.

As a first-year student, I chose to live on campus, and currently reside in Valley One. Living on campus has given me the opportunity to meet other first-year students, as well as meet others who are part of the Honors College. I have also met students who share the same major, have classes with and are apart of many of the same student organizations that I am. With that said, Western offers over 300 different Registered Student Organizations (RSO's), for student to become involved in. Even with it being my first year, I have managed to be involved in five different RSO's, ranging from WSA (Western Student Association), to the Club Tennis team. With those two, in particular, I have been able to continue and pursue previous interests, student government and tennis, at the college level. In addition to pursuing those previous interests, I have also been exposed to so many new people and friends who I wouldn't have, if it were for the organizations themselves. With that, even if the two organizations that I listed aren't appealing to you, there are so many more that allow you to get involved, meet new people, all while doing what you love!

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