Meet Chris R

Meet Chris R

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Advice for Transfers

Get ahead! I know this sounds nerdy, but from a student that once got behind, this can be absolutely crucial advice!

About Chris R

Hey! I'm Chris and originally I'm from Ann Arbor. Some of my hobbies include running, working out, and just hanging out with a group of friends. I went to Pioneer and graduated in 2008.

Choosing a college can be complicated but only if you make it that way! When I chose Western Michigan University, I thought of the main things I wanted out of campus life and college in general. I called up the admissions office and asked everything I could think of about WMU. I talked to my parents, and then made my choice. I made sure to see the type of psychology program WMU had, since psychology is my major and passion. I really wanted a good school. I chose psychology just because I love to interact with people and find what makes us all tick.

The first time you're away from home for an extended period is always an adventure. I'm not really able to get involved with the bustling campus life as much as I'd like, but I do know that just from volunteering (even a little bit) your friend group will basically triple. If you get the chance to live on campus in the residence halls, you'll also meet a lot of people. The most important thing is getting out there! Keep your door open you come! You're guaranteed to have some fun stories.

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