Meet Casey K

Meet Casey K

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Advice for Freshman

Advice I give to incoming freshmen, learn how to balance your time. Being able to plan out your day in order to get the most done is so important. There will be days you don't think you have enough time to get everything done, but with a little planning and prioritizing, you can figure it out!

About Casey K

Hello! I am Casey and I am from a small town called Caro in Michigan that is about 30 minutes from Bay City or Saginaw, which you may have heard of. I went to a smaller high school even though I could have went to Caro and had a class size of around 250. My class size was only 18. So I am from a very tiny school! But the city I grew up in wasn't as small as the school I went to. I graduated in 2012 and now am a freshman here at Western Michigan University. I am studying Psychology and Family Studies to one day be a college or high school counselor.

I chose to come to Western after many tours of different colleges. I toured Michigan, Saginaw Valley State University, Grand Valley State University, and Central Michigan University. I honestly had barely heard of Western until I went to a college fair at my local Tech Center and talked to the director of the Psychology department. I decided to go take a tour, and wow did I love it. I loved how it felt small but was a large university with a lot of students! It may have been my last choice but it was the only one for me!

Currently I live in the residence halls, and I live in the Valleys with the other 2/3 of freshmen here. I love it! We have events downstairs where I meet people from my hall, and three of my best friends live on my floor! In addition to classes and being a student ambassador, I am also an intramural volleyball player and I plan on getting involved with some many of the registered student organizations we have on campus. In my free time I am either with my friends down the hall, doing homework, or at the gym working out, or playing my weekly volleyball games.

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