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My advice for freshmen is to definitely try and live in the residence halls your first year. It is a rewarding experience and you get to meet so many new people who are just trying to meet new people just like you. My advice for both freshmen and transfer students is to get involved with activities that go on at Western Michigan University.

About Angeleec W

Hi! My name is Angeleec. I am in my second year here at Western and I couldn't be happier to be here! I went to Sterling Heights high school and I am one of few students from my graduating class to come to WMU That said, coming here was a really big decision that I am glad I made and was open to. In high school I participated in a lot of leadership and student council programs and conferences and also was a part of my schools broadcasting crew.

When it came down to picking a college I had no idea that I would ever end up at Western Michigan. I actually didn't even know where it was or anything about it. My high school assistant principal was actually the first person to ever tell me about WMU. His son went here and he knew a lot about it, so he set me up with a tour here. I came and instantly fell in love with the campus. I wanted to go somewhere that felt like it could be a second home and I got that here, it also helped that my parents love it here too. When I originally decided to come I was coming because of all the praise I had heard about the theater program here (my original major). But then, after being involved with broadcasting in high school I realized I wanted go into communications and specifically film video & media studies. Now I am a film video and media studies major and my minor is event management. I plan to work in news broadcasting and hopefully one day be a celebrity news reporter for Entertainment Tonight or E! News!!

For my first year here at Western I lived in the residence halls and loved it! I went in blind and me and my roommate got along and are still friends today. I met most of my friends through the residence hall that I lived in and also through my Freshmen Year Experience class that I took. In my free time I like to go to different events that are either going on in the area of Kalamazoo or on campus.

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