Meet Amberose N

Meet Amberose N

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My advice for you would be DON'T PANIC. University life is very fruitful if you use your time wisely, but it can get stressful if you don't. You can get a lot more out of your day if you use each hour productively!

About Amberose N

Hello, my name is Amberose. I am currently a senior here at Western Michigan University. I went to Okemos High School and graduated in the spring of 2009.

When I was going through my application process, I wasn't aware of where I wanted to go. I made sure that everywhere that I looked was in the top twenty for education, but other than that it was a free for all. I visited many different universities so that I could get an idea of how I would feel at each place. I could understand how I would react to a university by how the tour guide gave information, the landscape of the university, and how other people on the campus were reacting to their climate. It was only at Western Michigan University where all of these things were positive. I also checked out the LGBT-Campus Climate Index to make sure this campus was inclusive to LGBT individuals.

I am on the Executive Board for OUTspoken, the LGBTA group on campus. I am coordinating a lot of interesting events this year and I hope you come check us out! This past summer, I was an intern at the LBGT Student Services, where I helped implement a resume workshop based in social justice and volunteerism. I am also in the work of developing a seminary for LBGT students to transition into WMU the best way possible. I am also part of Zombies Versus Humans, a week-long 24 hour outdoor event on campus that happens every semester. I enjoy hanging out with a lot of people, and would say I'm pretty chill. WMU allows me to meet many diverse people. And we can do many different activities from hanging out in the residence halls to kicking butt at a Zumba.

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