Meet Adam R

Meet Adam R

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Advice for Freshman

My advice for freshmen is to not be shy even if there is a situation anyone might not be comfortable in. It's fine to step out of your comfort zone. In retrospect, WMU is the first day of the rest of your life filled with amazing people and phenomenal experiences in which anyone can choose but it's up to new students to figure out which route they want to go on and how to impact their lives by leaving a lasting legacy that extends far beyond graduation of Western Michigan University. "If dreams are out of reach, reach further and it will be yours for the taken."

About Adam R

I debuted at Western Michigan University Fall 2010 after transferring from Henry Ford Community College in Dearborn, Michigan. I immediately became submerged in my college culture. I declared a major in The School of Arts and Sciences as a public relations major and joined Greek life that semester as a Sigma Chi. I am involved in other aspects of the university such as PRO (Public Relations Organization, IFC (Inter-fraternity Council) and plan on graduating in Spring 2014 as the first person in my family to have obtained a degree from a higher education university.

I choose Western Michigan University because of it foundational values of higher education and experiences that are offered throughout the university curriculum. I found by literally visiting even before fall welcome and orientation that Western met my social needs as well show casing students and faculty that are friendly and easy to talk to no matter what the circumstance is that life throws at anybody. I choose public relations on the principals that the major would satisfy me academically and personally. I would obtain a degree that I loved and a job that would never seem like work, but an entity that would be in my everyday life. The professors are highly motivational in the School of Communication and are there for anyone to help and guide students to a successful college career and life style for years to come.

My college life is fast and quick as I make my presence known by voluntarily being a part of Greek life, namely Sigma Chi. I also do philanthropic event put on by my fraternity and volunteer in other philanthropic events that the Greek community and WMU sponsors. I am always in the mix being both an asset to WMU and the surrounding Kalamazoo community. There is never a dull moment since picking WMU. I met so many different types of people and gain friendships and connections every day that make WMU unique as a campus. Downtown Kalamazoo is always a place to be as they have various events that I and my friends go to such as festivals and live performances. The atmosphere of Kalamazoo is something that is truly needed to be experienced to even believe what I am talking about with endless possibilities WMU and Kalamazoo make the perfect fit for anyone supporting everyone's best interests and ideology.

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