So you want to register for the Design Challenge - GREAT!

Keep in mind the following items

  • Each team must designate a student primary contact. The primary contact will receive a Dropbox invitation within 5 business days of completing the online registration form. All submitted materials must be made through the Dropbox folder.
  • Teams are required to provide a team name.
  • Teams are required to submit any inquires that they wish to be addressed at the Gibbs House Site Visit to the design challenge coordinator via email ( by Monday, June 2nd.
  • Team members must choose roles from the following list of options. All roles must be assigned. Team members may have multiple roles. Only students are eligible to act as project manager/primary contact.



Project manager/primary contact: Responsible for overseeing all project operations and ensuring that communications between the team and design challenge coordinator are distributed to all team members.
Lead architect: Responsible for the architectural and construction design effort. License not required.
Project engineer: Responsible for the engineering design effort. License not required.
Lead officer for sustainability education: Responsible for all educational and interpretive display efforts.
Lead financial officer: Responsible for all budgetary efforts.
Lead author: Responsible for organizing all submitted materials and maintaining a unified voice throughout written material.