Eco-Thon (n): an intercampus waste reduction competition that is designed to encourage energy and waste reduction on campus. 

This annual competition engages WMU students living in residence halls and campus apartments to become more aware of both waste and energy reduction. In addition to the competition, residence halls will offer educational outreach for students designed to teach and foster sustainable behaviors. 

This year, students will have the opportunity to get information and track their progress using the Lucid Building Dashboard system. Each building will have a profile depicting real-time electricity use and competition standings. The competition profiles can be accessed online (see the link below) and via the Lucid touchscreens installed in a number of buildings on campus.

The Lucid system is part of a research project funded by Honeywell and managed by the Office for Sustainability. The real-time data and information displayed by the system is designed to deepen building occupant understanding of individual resource use and inspire conservation. The Lucid system will continue to be available online and in many main campus buildings once the competition has ended. 

Lucid Dashboard System

The Eco-Thon Competition takes place during the entire month of February and is sponsored by WMU’s Residence Life Department, the Office for Sustainability, and Facilities Management and will run for the month of February. 

See the REAL TIME data here