Gibbs House Fellowships

GH-bannerGibbs House Fellowships are year-long opportunities open to all students who pay the sustainability fee. Fellows participate in leadership and discovery-driven learning opportunities and are paid to research and work on campus sustainability projects and policies. Fellows live in the 150 year old Gibbs House across from Asylum Lake, which also serves as a community sustainability resource center.

Move-in is August 1 and move-out is July 15 annually. Program dues are $2,000, with half due at move in and half due at the beginning of Spring Semester.

The Office for Sustainability accepts Gibbs House Fellowship applications on a rolling basis through March 30 annually. Acceptance letters for the following academic year will be emailed to applicants before the end of spring semester. Applications may be sent to or submitted to the Office for Sustainability in hard copy.


The Gibbs Application is currently being revised


Learn more about our Gibbs House Permaculture Plan

Features of the Gibbs House Property Master Plan include: Hoop Houses, Seven-Layer Food Forest, Annual Vegetable Garden, Hugulkultur Beds and Swales, Living Fence, Presentation Space and Design Competition, Renewable Energy Installations, and so much more including ways to get involved in this exciting permaculture project!

Gibbs House Permaculture Plan