President's Message

President John DunnPresident John Dunn—As I've gotten to know Western Michigan University, some of the most exciting revelations have revolved around the dedication of the WMU campus community to the principles of sustainability. 

The energy savings initiatives developed by our physical plant personnel have become best practices for large campuses around the nation. Our campus regularly attracts colleagues from other institutions who pose just one question, "How do you do it?"
Many of our research initiatives have focused on alternative energy sources like algae, biodiesel, solar energy and wind power. Most impressive of all, our students demonstrate real passion for and a continuing commitment to making sustainability work—to protecting the environment and to enhancing the quality of life for all.

We're enormously proud of the campus environment we've built, but we recognize that we are only at the beginning of this journey of creating a culture of sustainability. There are always new issues to address and solutions to old problems that can be enhanced and extended. As an aid to developing a road map to improve WMU's sustainability profile, I asked a cross section of campus (faculty, staff and students), led by Dr. Harold Glasser, to assist me in coordinating and prioritizing the important tasks ahead. Please take the opportunity to review the committee's initial report to me by clicking here. I hope the information you find on this Web site will start you thinking about your own commitment to sustainability and lead you to become involved in this critically important effort.