Hogeschool Utrecht is located in the city of Utrecht, which is a rail hub for the Netherlands and 30 minutes by train from Amsterdam.  Amsterdam’s Schipol airport is a major European hub and provides easy access to the rest of Europe by budget air carrier. The City of Utrecht is full of European charm and is easy to navigate by bus or the ever-present bike. 


Spring, Summer II and Fall: Spring semester is a full semester that starts in late January and ends late in June. Students studying at Utrecht in the fall semester will complete their final exams at WMU in January. In summer II session, students participate in the program Doing Business in Europe during the month of August.


Utrecht coordinates housing stays with Short Stay Solutions. In coordination with Utrecht, students can choose from a selection of available options in different locations at different price points.

Available Courses

Utrecht operates on the quarter system.  Except for Intopia for Exchange Students, two quarter classes at Utrecht must be taken to transfer as one WMU course. The summer II program Doing Business in Europe is equivalent to two WMU courses. Utrecht guarantees the availability of these courses.

Utrecht Courses—Semester 2
Period CPeriod DWMU equivalent
Int’l Marketing for Exchange Project Mgmt for Exchange MGMT 3010 Project Mgmt
Human Resource Mgmt Mgmt and Organisation MGMT 3520 Human Res. Mgmt or MGMT 4100 Multinational Mgmt
Int’l Management Behavior Mgmt and Organisation MGMT 3520 Human Res. Mgmt or MGMT 4100 Multinational Mgmt
Global Sourcing Global Supply Chain MKTG 4630 Manuf. Logistics
  Intopia for Exchange Students BUS 4750 Strat. Business Soln.

Summer II program—Doing Business in Europe

  • MGMT 4100 Multinational Management
  • BCM 4540 Intercultural Business Communications