Student Mentors

ISM student mentors

The Western Michigan University integrated supply management program has student mentors available to help you take full advantage of all the program has to offer. The ISM student mentors work closely with the academic advisor and faculty and have experience in the program and have achieved a high level of success.

Internship preparation

Many services are available for ISM students to prepare their resumes and themselves to get an internship. An ISM student should have at least one internship before graduation to be able to obtain a great job upon graduation. The ISM mentors have experience with the resources and events that will help you land that internship. They can tell you how to prepare for events like the ISM Career Night and offer insight on the internship experience. They can also direct you to the right resource to get the help you need.

Study abroad

There are a number of study abroad opportunities for ISM students. Student mentors have experience with the study abroad opportunities and the process—from selecting a program to how to represent your experience to an employer.

General advice

Being a successful ISM graduate takes more than just successfully completing classes. Mentors understand the program from the student perspective. They have demonstrated success and can help you with any issues or questions you may have. 

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