Visiting Scholar Jack Klott Discusses Suicide Prevention Feb. 13

Western Michigan University’s Campuswide Suicide Prevention Program presents a day with visiting scholar Jack Klott on Feb. 13. Klott is the founder and director of Suicide Prevention Consultants in Grand Rapids, which serves high-risk clients vulnerable to treatment resistance, non-compliance and multiple relapse behavior.

The day’s events draw on Klott’s extensive experience and knowledge of suicide prevention. He was recently honored by the Michigan Association for Suicide Prevention for his contribution to the field. His activities include training seminars on suicide prevention and treatment of co-occurring disorders, as well as motivational interviews. He is an author of several works on suicide and mental illness.

During morning sessions, Klott will meet with members of WMU’s senior leadership team and deans; Sindecuse Health Center staff; Faculty Senate Executive Board members and AAUP officers; student leaders from the Graduate Student Advisory Committee and Western Student Association; along with invited campus and community leaders.

From 2 to 5 p.m., Klott will present “Suicide Prevention Assessment Training for Health Care Providers/Students in Training on Campus and in the Community”. The program is hosted by Dr. Kathryn Lewis Ginebaugh of the WMU School of Interdisciplinary Health Programs and Dr. Karen M. VanDeusen of the WMU School of Social Work. The program takes place at the Dean's conference room in Schneider Hall.

In the evening from 5:30 to 8:00 p.m., Klott will discuss two topics in the Lee Honors College Lounge “Suicide, Substance Abuse, and Bullying” and “Protective Factors and Implications of Culture on Suicide”. Graduate students Molly Ray, and Hartini-Abdul Rahman from the Campuswide Suicide Prevention Program host the event along Office of Diversity and Inclusion doctoral students Vanessa Ruth Laurent and Carmelita Sharonique Foster and undergraduate student workers Traci Burton and Antonia Alexander.

Events in the afternoon and evening are open to all.

Parking. Visitors may park in lot 72F at the Fetzer Center, lot 72R in front of Schneider Hall, or lot 61R along north curb only in front of Rood Hall.

For more information contact Dr. Delores Walcott at (269) 387-1875, Molly Ray at (269) 387-1887 or email       

Sponsored by the Division of Student Affairs, Office of Diversity and Inclusion, School of Interdisciplinary Health Programs, School of Social Work, and Visiting Scholars and Artists Program