Health and Safety Abroad

Health insurance, immunization and other health concerns

The Office of Study Abroad does not provide health-related information to students.

The International Travel Clinic at Sindecuse Health Center provides immunizations and comprehensive information about other travel-related health concerns. Students may schedule a consultation with a Sindecuse professional to discuss travel immunization needs and health precautions. Students may also see their personal physician to receive required or suggested immunizations and other health-related information and warnings pertaining to travel and specific study abroad destinations. To complete all necessary preventive vaccinations before your trip, plan to visit the International Travel Clinic or your physician at least eight weeks prior to your planned departure. Schedule an appointment with the International Travel Clinic by calling (269) 387-3298.

All students participating in study abroad through Western Michigan University are covered by GeoBlue international health insurance from the start date of the program until a couple of days after program completion. Please refer to documentation obtained during the application process for further details.

Study abroad health and safety information

Students are required to register prior to departure with the United States Embassy in the countries where they will be studying.