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Kanley Chapel

Kanley Memorial Chapel, an interfaith facility, is located at the heart of Western Michigan University's main campus. Built in 1953, the chapel has symbolized the University commitment to offer a complete educational experience for its students.

Request a Reservation for Kanley Chapel

Academic classroom space

Registered Student Organizations (RSOs) may request a reservation to use academic classrooms for organization meetings and gatherings.

Kiva room at Faunce

RSOs may request a reservation to use the Kiva Room at Faunce Hall for organization meetings and gatherings. A key can be obtained Monday through Friday, 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. at the Bernhard Center office located in room 150. Review the policies and procedures.

Outdoor space request

There are a number of outdoor spaces on campus that RSOs may reserve to share information, program, and promote their activities and organizations. Review the Outdoor Common Spaces policies. 

For outdoor spaces the Facilities Management support team provides custodial, landscape, and maintenance services for events taking place on the university campus. In addition to the request a reservation form required by the Bernhard Center, please note Facilities Management also has a mandatory facility event service request form to determine the required level of support and any associated costs.

For more information about room reservations contact the Bernhard Center office located in room 150 or call (269) 387-4860. The office staff will help determine the best location for an event, provide guidance on audio-visual needs, catering and all other event support needed.


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