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Reservation Request at the Bernhard Center

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Reminder: room requests within academic buildings must be initiated at least five (5) business days preceding the activity.



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Reservation and Deposit Policies

The person making the Reservation is considered to be the responsible individual representing the sponsoring organization, department, or Registered Student Organization (RSO) and should adhere to all policies and procedures. In addition, the responsible individual who has requested the reservation is responsible for assuring members of the sponsoring organization, department, or RSO understand and agree to all facility use policies.  The responsible individual is accountable for cancelling the reservation if necessary in a timely manner. If the reservation is not cancelled and no one from the sponsoring organization shows up for the event (a “no-show”) the following will occur:

  1. In the event of the first ”no-show”  within an academic year the responsible individual will receive on behalf of the sponsoring organization, department, or RSO a verbal warning.
  2. In the event of the second ”no-show” within an academic year the responsible individual will receive on behalf of the sponsoring organization, department, or RSO an emailed warning letter.
  3. In the event of the third “no-show” within an academic year the sponsoring organization, department, or RSO will have their Bernhard Center reservations privileges suspended for the remainder of the semester and the following semester.

Registered Student Organizations may use rooms at the Bernhard Center to conduct regular weekly business meetings at no charge, with the exception of the following: ballroom use; concerts; when a room is used for selling goods, they may not duplicate or compete with items sold by merchants in the Bernhard Center; fundraising events; catered events.

The West Suite can be divided into three (3) smaller rooms. The East Ballroom can be divided into two (2) large rooms.

All RSOs must have fund and cost center numbers issued by Student Activities and Leadership Programs to charge for the use of the Bernhard Center facilities (where applicable) or a cash deposit will be required upon booking of an activity. A service agreement for all RSOs must be completed prior to confirmation of facility use that requires rental or fees charged.

If funds are not available in the RSO account, the individual initiating the charge will be held financially responsible.

Due to the high demand by RSOs, meeting rooms may be occupied for no more than three hours. Second turn around rooms are set up for the first meeting group and will be set "as is" for the next group using the room.

If the Bernhard Center is at capacity, meeting rooms are available in Sangren or Knauss Halls for RSOs.

Notify the Bernhard Center Main Office for cancellations or changes to room use.

Temporary holds on rooms

A temporary hold may be requested for a given space. However, such holds will be subject to the following stipulations:

  1. A firm reservation will not be made until a Bernhard Center agreement form (available at the Main Office) has been signed and the appropriate deposit made.
  2. Temporary holds must be converted to confirmed reservations within 30 calendar days or the hold will be canceled.

Bernhard Center policies are outlined in the RSO Handbook.

For more information about room reservations contact the Bernhard Center located in room 150 or call (269) 387-4860.

Bernhard Center
Western Michigan University
1903 W Michigan Ave
Kalamazoo MI 49008-5408
Phone (269) 387-4860