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Snack Chips photoRSO Food and Catering Policies

  1. RSOs can bring in their own non-perishable snacks for a meeting. Snacks include chips, candy bars, soft drinks, donuts, cookies, cupcakes and sheet cakes. Food that requires refrigeration or heat to maintain proper health regulation temperature is prohibited.

  2. No equipment for heating food can be brought into any meeting rooms, i.e., hot plates, chafers, warmers or open flame, with the exception of food served by WMU Catering.

  3. WMU Catering offers a 10% discount on sit-down meals served to RSOs from the WMU Catering menu. Food must be pre-ordered a minimum of seven business days prior to the event. Discount does not apply to service/setup fees. A catered function requires a minimum of 20 guests. Please note that any non-menu items, special food requsts require an advance notice of 20-days or more.

  4. Subway® in the Bronco Mall offer RSOs special meeting meal deals.

  5. Bernhard Center Main Lobby, the Bernhard Café, and all TV lounge areas are not considered meeting space. Therefore, food cannot be brought in by any outside source to be served or offered for a group meeting at these locations.

  6. According to University Policy, WMU students and RSOs are prohibited from possessing or consuming alcoholic beverages on university property or in university buildings. This policy applies to the Bernhard Center.

Bernhard Center policies are outlined in the RSO Handbook.

For questions and information concerning Bernhard Center policies, please contact the Resource and Graphic Design Center.