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Mission and Vision
Mission and Vision

Fast Facts
Fast facts

Points of Pride
Points of pride



Dr. Jody Brylinsky
Associate Provost for Instutional Effectiveness
(269) 387-2380

Ms. Vonceal Phillips
Administrative Assistant
(269) 387-2363

Ms. Brynne Belinger
Special Projects Manager
(269) 387-0392

TAC Chair and Support Information

University Strategic Planning Opertations Team (USPOT)

Tim Greene, Chair
Jody Brylinsky, Chair
Brynne Belinger, Support

Enterprise Risk Management (ERM)

Greg Rosine, Chair
Tom Comer, Chair
Donna Marks, Support

Student Success

Diane Anderson, Chair
Dave Reinhold, Chair
Karen Stokes-Chapo, Support

Data and Systems Governance

Sandy Steinbach, Chair
Jim Gilchrist, Chair
Linda Poquette, Support

Sustainability Tracking, Assessment, and Rating System (STARS)

Jan Van Der Kley, Chair
Tim Greene, Chair
Kim Juwong, Support

Equity, Diversity, and Social Sustainability

Martha Warfield, Chair
Vonceal Phillips, Support

Community Outreach and Engaged Scholarship

Bob Miller, Chair
Jim Thomas, Chair
Dawn Gaymer, Chair
Linda Walker, Support