Ingenious Fitness Solutions

Ingenious Fitness Solutions is a company that will revolutionize the fitness world. One of its first and primary products is the headphone protector. The headphone protector pertains to the over-ear styled headphones, similar to Dre Beat's headphones. The application of the headphone protector is to be put on to the ear cushion and headband of the headphone. While it is attached to the headphone, it will absorb sweat and bacteria. After use, this product can be washed and reused in order to sustain a clean and healthy environment, as well as increase the longevity of the headphones. If sound quality doesn't hold you back, why let sweat?

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Gilbonite LLC focuses on technology to aid in the care for the autistic and developmental disability communities. Gilbonite technology specializes in translating enterprise data into knowledge. This improves patient care, increases best practice sharing, enhances operational performance and provides a platform for clinicians from multiple disciplines to collaborate. Gilbonite's current product line is enterprise software for caregivers in the autistic community. This product provides a platform for clinicians to capture, collect, store, analyze, report and share electronic medical records. This software helps to increase the ease and efficiency of every step from patient diagnosis to reimbursement.

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Minassie Motors

Minassie Motors is creating a vehicle that has the looks, performance and handling of an exotic European import but has a high MPG efficiency. While maintaining the standard balance between power and handling, another primary goal of Minassie is maintaining the balance between power and efficiency with the use of alternative energy sources. The niche provided by Minassie Motors is use of alternative energy sources as a primary and the gasoline motor as a secondary.

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