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Spring 2016 Cohort

Shaw Aerial imaging

Shaw Aerial Imaging uses high-endurance unmanned aerial vehicles to survey crops, enabling farms to reduce cost in water and pesticides and maximize yields. High resolution geo-referenced ENDVI photography carried by a UAV will give a snapshot view of overall crop health.

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Quality Influence

Quality Influence is an online student learning platform for college students  The platform allows students, that may be struggling with a particular class or classes, to connect with other students within the same university. QI also allows users to upload class study materials, create electronic flashcards to study and share with others. Documents that students upload (notes, previous tests, etc.) are stored in the cloud to allow other students,  to obtain the necessary information that they may need for their college courses.

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Durabilika is an innovative web-based engineering software company specializing in durability analysis for structural components that small-to-medium-sized design and manufacturing companies can rely on. The company strives for innovative approaches in durability analysis and product design.

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EZ Timeout

Our company makes a complete room divider and blind that is easily attachable and detachable from the ceiling. Our product is specifically designed to be flexible and simple to install. It is also inflammable, waterproof and eco-friendly. The room divider is made for household and commercial use and meets the needs of privacy and affordable, effective use of space. 

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Season for a Reason

Season for a Reason provides individuals, from experienced chefs to novice cooks, with a flavorful and zesty blend of salt, black pepper, lemon pepper, cajun spice, paprika, oregano and parsley. Season for a Reason exists to improve the quality of the eating experience and to bring honor to the man who perfected the seasoning, the late Gary Alan Clemens. 

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