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Project Activities*

*Note: These are archived materials. The Summer Institutes are not currently being offered

A sample of the agenda and topics from Summer Institutes that were held for the 3 summers from 2001-2003 is includes below.

Summer Institute 2001-2003

The Summer Institute activities were designed to

(Week One) - During the first week, teams learned about inclusive, computer-supported writing process instruction, referred to as the Writing Lab Model. In the mornings, they participated in seminar activities and shared planning sessions. In the afternoons, they practiced implementing the model with a diverse group of students in grades 1-3. The focus of instruction was on writing narrative stories.

On Friday, of week one, an all-day seminar was held with prior participants invited to return to discuss how they had been implementing the writing lab approach in their own settings; no students attended that day.

Week Two (4 days) - During the second week, participants continued to learn about the model as it applied to writing expository text. Again, seminar activities were held in the mornings and the Writing Lab Approach was implemented in the afternoons with a diverse group of summer school students. On Thursday of Week Two a "Publishing Party" was held to share work and celebrate accomplishments with students and their parents and others who were interested.


The Summer Institute gave priority to applications from two- or three-person teams consisting of at least one special educator (teacher or speech-language pathologist) and one general educator in grades 1, 2, or 3 from the same school system. Individuals also were invited to apply.

Teams were asked to commit to both short and long-term goals for: