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Study Abroad in Burgos, Spain

Fall 2016, August 15 to December 3

Depart USA: Sunday, August 14
Arrive in Spain: Monday, August 15

Open only to currently enrolled WMU students

Program overview

The WMU program at the Universidad de Burgos offers qualified students the opportunity to study Spanish language and culture in university courses especially designed for them. They may also select a class to audit or take for credit from a variety of Universidad de Burgos courses in the humanities and business.

All students will study intensive Spanish language courses during the first six weeks of the semester with an emphasis on written and oral communication as well as Spanish grammar and phonetics. In addition they will complete afternoon workshops during this period, with topics including Oral Expression, Spanish Theater, Music, Film, and Dance.

During the second period, October - December, students will study Spanish culture, history and art forms with special attention given to the province of Burgos and the autonomous community of Castilla-León.

Students are strongly urged to increase their language and social skill by participating in one additional activity other than their regular classes such as:

pdf 2016 program flyer


Students will normally receive a total of 13 semester hours, seven for the intensive Spanish language segment and workshops and six for the Spanish culture courses. There is a small fee for this additional course. Credits will be granted by WMU based on grade reports from the Universidad de Burgos.

As foreign students at the Universidad de Burgos, WMU students will have the same privileges and responsibilities as the Spanish students. They will have access to university facilities and services, including those offered by the Oficina de Relaciones Internacionales, the principal office of assistance for foreign students.

Student experience

Listen to Tessa's study abroad experience.


Students will live with families in Burgos in a private room, one American student per family. Homes and families are selected by the Oficina de Relaciones Internacionales. Housing includes three meals per day and laundry facilities. Every attempt will be made to place students with families who have a genuine interest in helping provide a pleasant atmosphere. Students need to be sensitive to cultural differences and the particular family situation. They need to comply with family rules and respect customs and norms. It is expected that a flexible and caring attitude on the part of all concerned will contribute to a comfortable, relaxed living environment.


Students who travel independently to Burgos must provide the faculty director with precise information about their plans and flight schedules.

Students selected to participate in the Burgos program will be required to attend three orientation meetings during spring semester, and at those meetings, more detailed travel information will be provided.

Administrative organization and student responsibilities

Students will be advised by WMU faculty program director, Professor Pastrana-Pérez, who is a member of the regular WMU Spanish faculty. The faculty director will offer the on-site orientation for WMU students during the days prior to classes at the Universidad de Burgos, assist students in the selection of courses, and remain in Burgos for consultation during the first week of classes in August.

In addition to doing satisfactory academic work, WMU students are to comply with all rules and regulations of both WMU and the Universidad de Burgos. Any student who does not meet academic and behavioral standards may be dropped at any time.

Additional program information is available from:

Professor Pastrana-Pérez, faculty program director

Professor Mercedes Tasende, study abroad advisor

Department of Spanish

Joey Rasich, WMU Office of Study Abroad specialist

Western Michigan University reserves the right to cancel or revise the program if necessary.