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Study Abroad in Buenos Aires, Argentina

Spring 2016, January 27 to May 14

Open only to currently enrolled WMU students

Program overview

Buenos AiresEarn 12 credit hours in Argentina, advancing your fluency in Spanish and making significant progress toward your degree with hands-on experience and academic courses in advanced language, culture & civilization, literature, and history. The program brings you to the heart of this world-class city, well known for its European style architecture, diversity and vibrant cultural life. With a student-centered academic model, the study abroad experience in Buenos Aires offers a comprehensive and supportive academic environment, and an active learning pedagogy that utilizes the city as an extension of the classroom. Organized excursions and many co-curricular activities will provide opportunities for students to experience and learn more about the host culture and engage in meaningful ways with the community through cultural programming.

pdf 2016 program flyer

Student experience

Listen to Jasmine's experience in Argentina.


Participants will earn 12 U.S. semester credits. WMU credit will be awarded for courses successfully completed on this program with prior approval of the student's academic advisor, academic advisors in departments outside of the student's major department (if the student plans to take classes outside of his/her major), and the Haenicke Institute for Global Education. This approval is obtained by completing the Course Pre-approval Form available from the WMU Study Abroad office. Students are urged to work closely with academic advisors to plan a course of study allowing for steady progress toward their degree.

Beuenos AiresAdministrative organization and student responsibility

Students will be advised by WMU faculty program director, Professor Mercedes Tasende, who is a member of the regular WMU Spanish faculty.

In addition to doing satisfactory academic work, WMU students are to comply with all rules and regulations of both WMU and the study abroad school. Any student who does not meet academic and behavioral standards may be dropped at any time.

Additional program information is available from:

Professor Mercedes Tasende, faculty program director and study abroad advisor

Department of Spanish

Joey Rasich, WMU Office of Study Abroad specialist

Western Michigan University reserves the right to cancel or revise the program if necessary.