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Students at Western Michigan University who wish to study Spanish for the first time should enroll in SPAN 1000-Basic Spanish I. Those students who have had some contact with the language, either through high school coursework or through other experiences, should take the Spanish online placement examination and then register according to their test results. Native speakers of Spanish should meet with a Spanish advisor to determine an appropriate first class for their foreign language studies at WMU.

Undergraduate advising

Students interested in majoring or minoring in Spanish should meet with a Spanish advisor early in their study career. Together the student and advisor complete a major or minor slip, listing the required courses as well as the number and type of elective courses needed by the student to complete the major or minor.

Be aware that major and minor requirements may change with each new WMU Undergraduate Catalog. The requirements applicable to each student are usually determined by the catalog year under which that student begins study at WMU. Transfer students from Michigan community colleges are often eligible to apply the WMU catalog in effect at the time they began their studies at the 2-year institution. Your Spanish advisor can help you determine which requirements apply to you. This is a good reason to meet with your advisor as soon as possible.

Some students may be eligible to receive retroactive credits for Spanish skills acquired before entering WMU. The first step toward eligibility for such credits is to take the monitored test-out exam (different than the online placement test) before you enroll in your first WMU Spanish class.

Undergraduate advisors

Study abroad advisor

Graduate advising