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Regional Locations

Each location provides students access to advising services, computer labs and wireless internet connectivity. Through GoWMU, the University's web portal, all students are able to register for classes and view class schedules, unofficial transcripts, billing information and more.

In addition, Western Michigan University's library offers students living outside the Kalamazoo area access to all of their services, through programs such as Document Delivery and Interlibrary Loan; more information can be found at Western Michigan University's Waldo Library.

Textbooks for the Kalamazoo and Battle Creek regional locations can be purchased at the WMU Bookstore and textbooks for the Lansing campus can be purchased at Gibson's Bookstore, 320 North Capital Avenue, Lansing, (517) 487-3769. Coursepacks for all campuses can be purchased through DollarBill Copying Services.