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WMU-Southwest Advantage

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WMU-Southwest, in its growing partnership with Lake Michigan College (LMC), is proud to announce the WMU-Southwest Advantage. WMU-Southwest is invested in this community and we hope the WMU-Southwest Advantage tuition remission program will assist you in taking the next step in continuing your education: completion of your bachelor’s degree.

The WMU-Southwest Advantage offers each LMC transfer student one WMU-Southwest course at LMC tuition rates. This course can be taken at any time during a student’s tenure at WMU-Southwest. To be a part of this scholarship you must fulfill these requirements:

It is not too late to be part of the WMU-Southwest Advantage.

How To Get Started

  1. Complete WMU-Southwest Advantage application form
  2. Download, print and complete guest application for enrollment.
  3. Download, print and complete transfer application for enrollment.
  4. Complete Transcript request card for LMC
  5. Request transcripts from any other colleges previously attended be sent to WMU
  6. Submit all above documents to Robin Ross at WMU-Southwest


When will I receive the Advantage tuition remission?
Students will receive a credited amount on their tuition statements shortly after the semester's drop/add date.

How much tuition remission will I receive?
Tuition remission will be determined by the actual tuition amount the student would have paid if the class were taken at Lake Michigan College. If a student pays in-district tuition at LMC, they will be reimbursed at in-district rates. (Note: This does not include fees.)

What course will qualify for the Advantage?
All WMU elementary education and business administration courses offered face-to-face at WMU-Southwest will qualify for the WMU-Southwest Advantage. (Note: Course pre-requisites still apply.)

Will this affect my financial aid?
The WMU-Southwest Advantage tuition remission will not affect your financial aid.

How many courses can I take with the WMU-Southwest Advantage?
Each Lake Michigan College student will be allowed to take one qualifying course under the Advantage during their tenure with WMU.

Call Robin Ross at (269) 934-1500 to assist you in taking part of the WMU-Southwest Advantage or for further information.