Support the Wrongful Conviction Program

Student and Dr. Ashlyn KuerstenThe WMU Wrongful Conviction Program and the WMU-Cooley Law School Innocence Project's mission is exonerating the innocent, educating students and the public about the causes of wrongful conviction, and reforming the criminal justice system by identifying and remedying the cause of wrongful convictions. Every year, our undergraduate students, law students and supervising attorneys investigate over 100 claims of innocence. 

Funding investigations

Gifts to the program assist our clients in many ways.

Navigating the criminal justice system can be extremely costly. In order to have all of the information about a case, our students must conduct interviews statewide and gather documents from various agencies. In addition, many of our cases require consultation with DNA analysts, pathologists, ballistics experts, and many other specialties. Your gift can assist us in these efforts.

You can also support our efforts by sponsoring an undergraduate student to work with law students in investigating claims of innocence.

The wrongly convicted individuals we represent face countless challenges once they are released. Some of these include finding shelter, food, and work and even adjusting to freedom. You can designate that your donation goes to someone who was exonerated in the state of Michigan.

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