Scientific Literacy and Cultural Studies Project (SLCSP)
Western Michigan University

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Theoretical Papers

081 Education Research Will Not Profit from Radical Constructionism

082 The Integration of Faith and Science Learning

084 A Proper Attitude Toward Science.

085 A Values Framework for Teaching Global Science.

088 Worldview Theory and Science Education Research.

091 Worldview Theory and Science Education Research (NARST monograph now out-of-print; contact Dr. Cobern for copies)

102 Constructivism And Non-Western Science Education Research

106 World View, Metaphysics, And Epistemology (Knowledge & Belief)

108 Science Education And The External Perspective On Science

111 Constructivism For Science Teachers

112 Cultural Constructivism And The Teaching Of Evolution

115 Contextual Constructivism: The Impact of Culture on the Learning and Teaching of Science

120 Worldview, Culture, And Science Education

121 The Cultural Aspects Of Learning Science (long version)

121b The Cultural Aspects Of Learning Science

122 Thinking About Alternative Constructions Of Science And Science Education

124 Worldview Theory and Conceptual Change in Science Education

138 The Nature of Science and the Claims of Reason, Faith, and Relativism

141 Traditional Culture and Science Education in Africa: Merely Language Games?

146 Norway Conference: Public Understanding of Science as Seen by the Scientific Community: Do We Need to Re-Conceptualize the Challenge and to Re-Examine Our Own Assumptions?

148 Defining Science in a Multicultural World

159 The Rhetoric of Science Education Reform

162 In Defense of Realism: It Really Is Commonsense

163 A Reasoned Approach to the Teaching of Evolution in the Public’s Interest

169  Worldview, Science and the Understanding of Nature

173  ID Hysteria Says More about Some People’s Freudian “ID” than about Science

174  The Competing Influence of Secularism and Religion on Science Education in a Secular Society

176  One Christian's Persective on Creation and Evolution

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