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This is the Home Page for a collection of research project reports seeking to improve science education at all levels by developing a better understanding of the role culture plays in the teaching and learning of science. The research assumes that scientific literacy is the critical purpose of science education at the school level and that literacy should be understood as the degree to which science is integrated in the everyday thinking of people. Moreover, since all instruction and curriculum are communicated in some cultural idiom the improvement of science education requires a better knowledge of those cultural idioms. The founding document for this line of inquiry is titled, World View Theory and Science Education Research, originally published in 1991 as a NARST monograph. Although that book is no longer in print, e-copies may be obtained by contact Dr. William W. Cobern.

SLCSP was originally funded by a grant from the National Science Foundation. The content, however, is the sole responsibility of the project director and associates.

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