Scientific Literacy and Cultural Studies Project (SLCSP)
Western Michigan University

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Empirical Papers
095 A Logico-Structural, Worldview Analysis of the Interrelationship between Science Interest, Gender, and Concept of Nature

100 Distinguishing Science-Related Variations In The Causal Universal Of College Students' Worldviews

101 Conceptualizations of Nature and Scientific Literacy, Part I: Research Methodology

101z Worldview   Additional Methodolodies

103 Chaos And Order, Mystery And Knowledge, The Beautiful And The Mundane: College Student Conceptualizations Of Nature

105 Breadth vs. depth: a comparison of student and professor conceptualizations of nature

127a Conceptualizations of Nature and Scientific Literacy: An Interpretive Study of 16 Ninth Graders Everyday Thinking

136 Leaving Elementary School Of With A Sense About Order In Nature

137 Everyday Thoughts About Nature: A Worldview Investigation of Important Concepts Students Use to Make Sense of Nature with Specific Attention to Science

139a The Different Worlds Of Biology And Physical Science Teachers

139b Scientific Worldviews: A Case Study of Four High School Science Teachers

151 The Thinking about Science Survey Instrument (TSSI):
An Instrument for the Quantitative Study of Socio-Cultural Sources of Support and Resistance to Science

151b An Investigation of Preservice Elementary Teachers The Thinking about Science

151c  Culturally Important Issues and Science: A Gender and Science-Interest Investigation

151d  Thinking about Science and Christian Orthodox Beliefs: a survey study of preservice elementary teachers

151e  Thinking about Science Survey v2

I am gradually shifting many of my papers to PDF format. If you do not have a PDF reader program, you can download a free copy from Adobe Acrobat Reader. Non PDF papers may be requested by EMAIL.