Faculty and Staff FAQs

 When should I consider a landing page in ExperienceWMU?

If you have five or more events planned for the semester you should create a landing page. If you have a unique event, or less than five events planned, please contact WMU Signature.

Do I have to re-register my account every year?

Yes, we will ask you to verify your department's information once a year. However, you can make any updates or changes to your page at any time.

How do I take attendance at my events?

If you have internet/wi-fi access at your event, you can swipe students' Bronco IDs or enter their emails directly into ExperienceWMU.

If you do not have internet/wi-fi access at your event, you swipe students' Bronco IDs or type student's email addresses into an excel spreadsheet and upload into ExperienceWMU following the event, when internet/wi-fi access is available.

Where can I get support navigating ExperienceWMU?

 Instructions on how to request a landing page and to register your department are available on our website. You can also contact WMU Signature staff for assistance.

How do I get the WMU Signature icon to use on my marketing materials?

When creating events in ExperienceWMU, as a department you will see "This submission will be auto-approved."  This indicates that your event will automatically publish in ExperienceWMU.  To submit content for inclusion in WMU Signature, please follow the content contributor steps.  The WMU Signature icon will be made available to any content hosts for qualifying experiences.

Do I need to take the attendance of everyone at my event, or just those who are attending for WMU Signature? 
Although you can take attendance for only students who indicate they would like to have your event count for WMU Signature, our preference would be that you take attendance of all attendees.  Our rationale for this is two-fold:
  • Students may decide after attending your event that they would like to start their Signature.  Their attendance would be held in ExperienceWMU & show credit for WMU Signature even if they decide to start after attending your event.
  • Attendance information can be beneficial to your organization (i.e determining more demographics of attendees)