Strategic Plan

Service-learning has been identified as a primary concern of Western Michigan University, as stated in the University's strategic plan.

Goal No. 1

Ensure a distinctive learning experience and foster the success of students.

Strategy 1.1

Ensure distinctive local and global learning experiences for all learners.

  • (b.) Integrate curricular and co-curricular learning experiences that include, but are not limited to, the arts, sports, recreation, student organizations, mentorship, service learning, and global awareness.

Goal No. 2

Promote innovative learning, discovery, and service.

Strategy 2.1

Invigorate curricula and teaching methods to improve learning outcomes.

  • (d.) Integrate teaching with research and service.

Strategy 2.3

Support and promote engagement and service to the University, community, and professional disciplines.

  • (a.) Enhance community service-learning and research opportunities for faculty, staff, and students.

(WMU Strategic Plan, 2011, page 3)

WMU Strategic Plan